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Alarm Video Verification at Your Fingertips

Security Video control centre

At Fortress Solutions, we specialize in the verification of alarms and alerts from your existing alarm system, ensuring that every notification is met with a quick and accurate response. This not only addresses genuine threats with the urgency but also significantly reduces the inconvenience and disruptions caused by false alarms.

The Challenge with Traditional Alarm Systems

While many businesses are equipped with alarm systems, the critical question remains: are these systems being utilized to their full potential? Typically, when an alarm is triggered, the monitoring center reaches out to the business owner or the primary contact, often leading to a delayed response, especially if the alarm occurs after hours. Unfortunately, this delay can result in the crime being completed before any verification or intervention takes place.

Rapid Alarm Verification Through Advanced Camera Integration


Fortress Solutions revolutionizes this process by being the primary contact for your alarm systems. Upon an alarm trigger, our monitoring system immediately alerts us, allowing our team to access your camera systems without delay. We quickly determine the cause of the alarm—be it a false alarm or an actual intrusion—and relay this critical information back to your alarm company. This streamlined communication ensures that any threat is promptly addressed, enhancing the security and safety of your property.

Proactive Camera Health Monitoring


Our commitment to your security extends beyond alarm verification. We proactively conduct regular health checks on your camera systems to ensure they are always operational. If a camera goes offline, we notify you at once, allowing you to rectify any issues and maintain uninterrupted surveillance coverage.

Elevate your security strategy with Fortress Solutions. Our alarm verification service complements and enhances your existing security infrastructure, providing a robust first line of defense and ensuring your peace of mind. Contact us today to explore how we can increase your overall security program.


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