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Welcome to Fortress Solutions

At Fortress Solutions, we're dedicated to redefining security by offering a comprehensive suite of services designed for both the business sector and residential communities. Our commitment is to bridge the traditional gap in security practices, ensuring that advanced theft-prevention technologies are accessible not only to large-scale enterprises, but also to small and medium-sized businesses and homeowners.


The rising incidents of break-and-enters and automobile thefts in the Greater Toronto Area, with increases of 34% and 38% respectively in 2023, underscore the critical need for advanced security solutions. * In an environment where the vast majority of these crimes go unsolved, Fortress Solutions offers more than just peace of mind—we provide a substantial layer of defense that actively deters potential threats.


With over three decades of experience in the security industry, Fortress Solutions brings the expertise and professionalism acquired from securing Fortune 500 companies to your doorstep. Our solutions are crafted to meet the unique challenges and needs of each client, from small businesses to residential homeowners.

Trust us to be your eyes, and partner in crime prevention as we create safer communities, offering unparalleled security solutions that give you peace of mind and protect what matters most.

* Source: Toronto, York Region and Peel Police Services


Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you protect your fortress.

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