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Live Remote Video Monitoring

 A Proactive Approach to Security

Welcome to Fortress Solutions, where security is not just about response but prevention. Unlike traditional systems that react after an incident, our Live Remote Video Monitoring, powered by Active Watch, ensures round-the-clock vigilance for your property. 


Active Watch stands at the forefront of surveillance technology. Our intelligent software is applied to your existing system offering unparallel oversight of your premises. This system is designed to detect unusual activity before it escalates into a crime. 

With Fortress Solutions, you're adopting a peace of mind. Our proactive monitoring has shown to significantly reduce the incidence of crime, thanks to early detection and immediate response. 

Our monitoring team is more than just eyes on a screen. Each member is rigorously trained in threat detection and response protocols. Their expertise means potential threats are quickly identified and addressed, often before the perpetrators even realize they've been spotted.


Our system includes interactive features like **2-way audio and remote-activated sirens** (dependent on customer equipment). These tools allow our team to actively engage with the situation, deterring potential criminals directly.


We understand that each property is unique. That's why our solutions are tailored to your specific needs. We'll guide you through the equipment requirements and help you choose the best setup for your premises.

business using remote video monitoring
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